Bannockburn – Ah, variety, the spice of life

Went searching for Bannockburn in Singapore and found it listed in at least three places being Island Wines, Crystal Wines and Wine Exchange Asia. A quick check of Island Wines’ website showed they’ve sold out, leaving Crystal and Wine Exchange as follows:

2006 / Bannockburn / Geelong / Chardonnay / S$78 (S$74.10 member price) at Crystal Wines – Halliday has no doubt with the quality of this wine rating it at 96 points, drinking to 2015 with a RRP of A$51. My BBI puts that at about S$60 into Singapore so the Crystal Wines asking price of S$78 looks a bit exxy for me.

2005 / Bannockburn / Geelong / Pinot Noir / S$56 at Wine Exchange Asia – Wow, this one brings out a difference of opinion. James Halliday rates this wine at 94 points, drinking to 2015. Jeremy Oliver doesn’t like it at all and thinks it’s close to past it. He gives it 80 points and drinking 2007-2010. Who’s right? Don’t ask me, I’m just the messenger! What I can tell you is that the RRP is A$55 which translates through the BBI to roughly S$63, so at S$56 on sale at Wine Exchange Asia, it’s either a fine wine bargain or an expensive dud depending on who you believe.

2005 / Bannockburn / Geelong / Serre / Pinot Noir / S$99 at Wine Exchange Asia – Are three opinions better than two? At least these three are in agreement – Gourmet Wine Traveller and Epicure both give this wine 5 stars, whilst Halliday gives it 4.5 stars (94 points). Pricing is less certain but a mid-point looks about A$110 with drinking to 2013. That translates into a Singapore price of S$107, so the listing at Wine Exchange Asia for S$99 again looks like a good deal.

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