Kaesler at Denise’s GSS sale

Had a look at the offerings on Kaesler and there’s really only one stand-out value wine and, no surprise to Bastard Box readers, it’s the riesling, but this one’s late harvest.

2009 / Kaesler / Rizza / Barossa Valley / Late Harvest Riesling / S$28.54 – Gary Walsh from Wine Front rates this wine at 90 points (4.5 star), drinking to 2011 and it has a RRP of A$17.

Two other wines are of interest, but they don’t quite make the cut as far as the Bastard Box Index of value goes, although they’re close.

2006 / Kaesler / Stonehorse / Barossa Valley / Shiraz / S$45.76 – It’s a case of who hasn’t rated this one. WineEstate gives it 4 stars, but everyone else disagrees. Gourmet Traveller Wine gives it 90 points, James Halliday gives it 93, Gary Walsh gives it 90, but wait a minute, Robert Parker gives it 91. They generally agree that it’s drinking to about 2015 although Parker thinks 2020. With A RRP of A$25, it’s priced about S$6 higher than my BBI price, so if you think you can live with an extra six bucks for a 91 pointer Parker, then go for it.

2007 / Kaesler / The Bogan / Barossa Valley / Shiraz / S$69.54 – This wine has a bit of a following in Singapore and maybe that’s why the pricing is more resilient. My BBI suggest it should be around S$62 so again, if you’re happy not to quibble over eight bucks, go for it. For the record, Gary Walsh rates this wine at 93 points drinking to 2017. RRP A$50.

I’d love to be able to give you a value recommendation on the Old Bastard (the wine, not me) but I can’t. With a price of S$228 before discount, it deserves that I use data for the exact year and I don’t have that yet, and haven’t found it through my usual sources. This Barossa shiraz has a real following in the US where it retails for US$190, and previous vintages have been rated as high as 98 points by Robert Parker. When I get a rating for the 2007, I’ll let you know.

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