Turkey Flat specials – and a distinct difference of opinion

Wine Exchange Asia (www.wineexchangeasia.com) are running a special on Turkey Flat right now, in particular promoting the 2010 Rose, which Robert Rees quite rightly says hasn’t been rated yet, and quite rightly says that previous vintages have been stunners. But with no rating yet, Bastard Box can’t comment other than to say that the price at S$29 (S$27 by the case) looks good, and I’m a big fan of Turkey Flat Rose having just bought up the last stock of their 2008.

Here’s my review of other Turkey Flat offerings at Wine Exchange Asia:

2009 / Turkey Flat / Butchers Block / Barossa Valley / White / S$35, S$32 by the case – Epicure liked this wine giving it 4.5 stars (90-94 points) and Wine Front gave it 89 points, with drinking to about 2012. With a RRP of A$24, the S$35 price comes well under my BBI and represents solid value.

2006 / Turkey Flat / Barossa Valley / Shiraz / S$49 – This wine really threw me, partly because of the mixed bag of ratings, and partly because of Wine Exhange Asia’s pricing. Let’s deal with the ratings first and we’ll start with the lowest and work up to the highest. Jeremy Oliver gives it 89 points, drinking 2011-2014. Wine Front gives it 91 points drinking 2009-2015. Robert Parker gives it 91 points drinking 2012-2026, and finally James Halliday gives it 96 points drinking to 2026. That’s a real mixed bag ain’t it? I guess you’ll have to be your own judge.

I have it listed with a RRP of A$45 so when I saw the Singapore price of S$49 I thought, hang on, I’ve made a mistake in my data. I checked my favourite Australian distributor’s website and sure enough, it WAS listed at A$45 but they’ve sold out. I reckon this wine could legitimately sell in Singapore at S$60 odd and still be comparative value with Australian retail. At S$49, it’s a bargain if you believe Parker or Halliday, and makes of mockery of the inflated prices for so-called cult wines. Good on’ya Robert!

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