Bald Hills, Joseph and some more advice on staying sober

A month or so ago, Le Vigne arranged a wine dinner at Garage to sample wines from the Central Otago maker, Bald Hills. We needed no introduction to Bald Hills being fans of their 2006 pinot noir for some time. Before commenting on the wine, I have to say that it was one of the better wine dinners we’ve attended. Full marks to Garage for the food and the comfortable spacing of tables, and full marks to Bald Hills for the generosity of their tastings. Now to the current offering:

2007 / Bald Hills / Central Otago / Pinot Noir / S$60 (after normal discount) at Le Vigne –

This wine retails for about NZ$44 so at S$60, it’s right on the limit of my BBI (Bastard Box Index) but still acceptable. Bob Campbell gives it 4.5 stars and it’s fair to say that you’ll nearly always find a Bald Hills pinot noir in our cellar. Definitely worth a try.

And from another of our regular and recommended suppliers comes another choice in sparkling red. How lucky are we in Singapore?

NV / Primo Estate / Joseph / Sparkling Red / S$69 at Wine Exchange Asia – If you know your sparkling reds, you’re sure to know this wine already. If not, you’ll find this one a bit different from most that are on offer, perhaps not quite as sweet. It’s got a definite following amongst the bubbly red set. James Halliday likes it giving it 5 stars and Epicure gives it 4.5 stars. The RRP looks about A$67 so at S$69 this is indeed attractive pricing. My wife would say that you need to drink good sparkling reds before, during, or after a meal. My advice is that whenever you drink it, makes sure it’s cold.

And more from those 17th cook-books century on how to stay sober. Nothing new under the sun.

“What quantity soever of new milk you drink first, you may well drink thrise as much wine after, without danger of being drunk”

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  1. 1 Estelle Hunt July 27, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Thanks for your comments on the Bald Hills Pinot Noir 2007.We appreciate it very much.As a matter of fact Le Vigne are shortly to import 70 cases of this wine for the Singapore Grand Prix in late September.

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