A wine for the young punters amongst us, methinks – Berrys Bridge

I had a scan through some specials on offer by Epsilon Wine Resources this week. You can e-mail Sandra at Sandra@ewines.com.sg for details and they promise to have their website up and running next week.

A mixed bag with the Shottesbrooke Punch Reserve cabernet and the Henry’s Drive cabernet shiraz priced pretty solidly outside my BBI, but one offering caught my eye.

2002 / Berrys Bridge / Pyrenees / Shiraz / S$45 – This might be a wine for some of you to take a punt on, but you’ll need to be younger than me to do it. James Halliday rated it at 93 points, but here’s the clincher – Halliday, who reviewed the wine in 2006, says “needs 20 years minimum”. Wow! So this wine will start to get ready around 2022, in fact Halliday suggests drinking 2025. There are not too many wines that you need to put aside for so long before even thinking of drinking.  Not unsurprisingly, it has “ultra-powerful tannins”.   Trouble is, come 2025 and the only thing I’ll be drinking will be coming through a straw or a drip. But for the youngsters amongst us, the pricing is keen indeed. RRP was A$64, so at S$45, this is the furthest inside my BBI index by a long way.  Get a bottle for your kid’s 21st!

OK, if you follow Bastard Box, you know there are good deals around, but do you know how bad some are? Two examples:

2008 Ata Rangi Martinborough Pinot Noir at the right place – S$72 a bottle. At the wrong place? S$97 a bottle. Both on-line suppliers.  A whacking $27 a bottle difference – someone’s coming the raw prawn……

Also 2009 Grossett Polish Hill Riesling – the right place S$46, the wrong place S$65.

I think this one takes the cake though. Unnamed to protect the guilty, but a A$9.99 Australian red on sale for Singapore’s 45th birthday at S$45, down from “usual price” of S$50. Happy birthday.


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