A Clare Valley shiraz and fall-out from the Aussie glut.

From The Cellar Door at VivoCity:

2000 / Mitchell / McNicol / Clare Valley / Shiraz / S$45 – This looks like a good deal, and something you can drink now or soon. Jeremy Oliver gives it 90 points, drinking 2012-2020, and James Halliday gives it 91 points drinking now to 2013.  The RRP is A$45 so at S$45, that’s keen pricing indeed. I’ve tried some and have no doubts in recommending it as an alternative to Barossa shiraz (well, at least for one night a week).

From eWines:

There are strange things going on in the world of Australian wine.  If you’ve been following what’s been happening in the US, you’ll know that Australian wines are distinctly out of favour there. Add to that, the collapse of one of the key US distributors of Australian wine and you end up with a fair bit of stuff that’s looking for a home. Some of it seems to be finding its way to Singapore, which on the one hand is a good thing, but its not all beer and skittles as they say.

Take The Colonial Estate as an example.  Epsilon Wines (eWines) has three of their 2006 range on offer at S$43, namely the Envoy GSM, the Explorateur Shiraz, and the Etranger Cabernet. Wine Spectator rated these wines as 4.5 stars and The Colonial Estate has been rated favourably by Robert Parker as well. These wines sold for about US$28 which would make a S$43 price tag an excellent buy indeed. James Halliday rated the Explorateur in 2010 and gave it 94 points with drinking to 2016  (alc 14.5%)with a RRP of A$33.

And therein lies the problem. These wines are not selling at A$33 any more but at A$14.99. I know. I’ve just bought some in Australia at that price. So, you’ll have to be the judge.

At RRP A$33, the asking price of S$43 is pretty good by BBI standards. At RRP A$15, the asking price of S$43 is about S$12 above where it might be to fit within the BBI. Probably not a good time to be holding large stocks of “cult” Australian wines that were mainly destined for offshore markets at high prices then.

Here’s the details, and for what its worth, I’ll judge that S$43 at eWines is an acceptable price.

2006 / The Colonial Estate / Envoy / Barossa Valley / Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre / S$43

2006 / The Colonial Estate / Explorateur Old Vine / Barossa Valley / Shiraz / S$43

2006 / The Colonial Estate / Etranger / Barossa Valley / Cabernet Sauvignon / S$43

Today’s quote: “Hmmm, lovely oak, but I wonder what the grape variety was?” – attributed to American wine writer Bob Thompson.

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