Pity the poor seller or pity the poor buyer?

My recent post on Gravitas and Caledonia Australia wines suggested you might find them at eWines. Well, seems there’s two “ewines”. One is http://www.ewines.com.sg and the other is http://www.ewineasia.com and they don’t appear to be related.

To be absolutely clear the following wines are available at ewineasia at http://www.ewineasia.com

2006 / Gravitas / Reserve / Marlborough / Chardonnay / S$38, S$35 by the case – Bob Campbell rates it at 93 points and it looks like it sells in New Zealand for around the NZ$30 mark so the buying here is quite good value.

2005 / Gravitas / Hugo’s Delight / Marlborough / 375 ml/ Late Harvest Riesling / S$31.25 or S$29.50 by the case – Here’s another case of confusion. The seller just lists this wine as ‘late harvest Riesling” but I can’t find that Gravitas does any late harvest Riesling other than “Hugo’s Delight”. So with the caveat that it is an assumption, Bob Campbell gives it 93 points and it sells for around NZ$25, so again, good value here.

No confusion in the next lot though. I recently met with a previous work colleague who’s done quite well thank you, and apart from the Porsche 911 Turbo in the garage, he’s looking to finally start building a decent cellar of Australian wines. Mate, if you’re reading this, the next three wines would always find a place in my cellar. These are available at Wine Exchange Asia (limited stock  though) on http://www.wineexchangeasia.com

2007 / Henschke / Keyneton (previously Keyneton Euphonium) / Eden Valley / Shiraz blend / S$60 – Halliday 93 points, drink to 2020, Epicure 4.5 stars, drink to 2015. RRP is A$48 so right on the button for value. Buy it. You won’t be disappointed. By the way, having grown up in South Australia, I should have known how to pronounce this wine. I didn’t. It’s pronounced Kay-nton, not Kie-nton.

2006 / d’Arenberg / The Dead Arm / McLaren Vale / Shiraz / S$65 – What can I say? Halliday gives it 95 points, drink to 2030, Oliver gives it 95 points, drink to 2026. Robert Parker is a big fan of The Dead Arm giving previous vintages 95 points but I don’t have a rating for the 2006. Wine Estate magazine (which I must admit I don’t follow) gives it 3 stars. You be the judge. Personally, I’d hide this away and not be tempted to drink it before about 2018. The patience will definitely be rewarded.

2003 / Leeuwin Estate / Art Series / Margaret River / Chardonnay / S$88 – What can I say, continued? Jeremy Oliver gives it 97 points, Halliday 94, Wine Spectator 4.5 stars, Gourmet Traveller wine 5 stars……and Wine Estate 3 stars. You be the judge, again. Whilst most of the raters agree on the quality, there’s definite disagreement on when it should be drunk. Oliver says from now to 2020, Halliday says “drink now”. I think I’m with Halliday on this one. For what it’s worth, my advice on drinking aged whites (which I love) is several fold. Firstly, get it out of your mind that this is going to taste like a “fresh” recent release. It’s not. Secondly, I always decant my old whites – but not everyone agrees. Thirdly, let it sit a while – don’t be put off by that first drop you put into the glass to test the wine. You’d smell too if you’d been locked up for 7 years. And finally, don’t serve it too cold. You’ll kill any flavours that are trying to escape. Be patient, let the wine open up, and I think you’ll find an enriching experience.

Have a good weekend.

“I believe budding wine mavens can’t get started building their vinous vocabularies soon enough – even before they’re eligible to drink. Toward that end, perhaps wine terms could be introduced at school spelling bees.” – Lettie Teague ‘Speaking of Wine’ Asian Wall Street Journal 3/7/10

1 Response to “Pity the poor seller or pity the poor buyer?”

  1. 1 Robert Rees September 17, 2010 at 4:01 am

    Hear hear on the decanting of old whites Dave..definitely worth doing, especially old Hunter semillons etc.

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"A good bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world" - Louis Pasteur

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