The High Note (Misha’s Vineyard) and the Low Note (Ata Rangi)

No, I’m not about to tell you that I was wrong on the 2008 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir. I’m still smitten by it.  But, as Joe Friday said “just the facts, ma’am” and that’s what you’re getting here.

Fact –  2008 Ata Rangi Martinborough Pinot Noir is listed at Cellar Door and Wine Exchange Asia at S$69 per bottle. Same wine, same vintage is listed at S$97 at Crystal Wines. And that’s a fact.

I met Misha Wilkinson in Singapore a while back and her enthusiasm for her wines and the Central Otago region was impressive. I’d planned to do a review some time ago but for some reason, they haven’t popped up on my radar until now. I tracked these down at Rubicon Wines. The pricing is OK rather than great with the case price just slipping into the BBI for value.  For the sake of a few dollars. I’d definitely give them a try.

2009 / Misha’s Vineyard / Limelight / Central Otago / Riesling / S$44.90, S$40.45 by the case – Bob Campbell gives it a solid 93 points.

2008 / Misha’s Vineyard / The High Note / Central Otago / Pinot Noir / S$64.20, S$57.78 by the case – Bob Campbell 90 points, so a 4.5 star wine.

2009 / Misha’s Vineyard / The Starlet / Central Otago / Sauvignon Blanc / S$44.90, S$40.45 by the case – 92 points by Bob Campbell, and perhaps a nice change from the Marlborough sauvignon blancs at an equivalent price.

It wouldn’t be a posting without a special from Robert Rees at Wine Exchange Asia, one of the most prolific offerers around. Could be gone by the time you read this.

2005 / Cullen / Diana Madeline / Margaret River / Cabernet blend / S$90, S$85 by the half case – How about 97 points by Jeremy Oliver, and 96 points by James Halliday? Nuff’ said. Halliday reckons drink to 2018, Oliver to 2035. The first I can handle, the latter, only through a straw. RRP was A$90 so I reckon the pricing at WEA is spot on.  Great deal, eh? I thought I’d see how it’s priced elsewhere. Try S$140 for the 2006 at Crystal. Or S$145 at Ponti Wine Cellars.

And, “off the shelf” from Cold Storage today:

2009 / Penfolds / Rawsons Retreat / Merlot / S$25.95 – Generally rated around the 3 to 4 star mark, and sells retail in Australia for A$12 but usually sells closer to A$9. So what’s the problem? Well, if you assume that retailers mark up 100% over cost, and that cost included the S$7 (approx) duty, then you automatically add about S$14 to the bottle even though the initial costs starts at around S$10. To me, that’s just dumb value because it means that the duty and its mark-up are the main components of the price. Remember, the duty and its mark-up is S$14 whether the wine starts at S$10 or S$100, so the lower the initial price, the worse the comparative value when it lands here. Just another reason not to drink cheap wine.

If you’re fond of Brown Family Vineyards in New Zealand, and their labels Cape Campbell, Lobster Reef and Cable Station Road, you’re out of luck – they’ve gone into receivership.

And if you want to see how the French buy their wine (?) click the link below:

We employ the term ‘drunkard’ as synonomous with an excessive consumer of alcoholic beverages, though we never term a glutton as an ‘eatard’, nor do we call a baby a drunkard, although it eats nothing for the first six months of its life.” – O. Mendelsohn, The Earnest Drinker’s Digest, 1945


2 Responses to “The High Note (Misha’s Vineyard) and the Low Note (Ata Rangi)”

  1. 1 Rob September 21, 2010 at 10:37 am

    At Paragon Marketplace they have buy 2 get 1 free Domaine Chandon bubbles (pink or normal) .. so $75 for 3 bottles of quality champers.

  2. 2 Misha Wilkinson September 24, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    Well I am glad you have tried some of the Misha’s Vineyard wines finally. Our Limelight Riesling just won Gold at the Tri Nations Wine Challenge which pits the best of NZ against Australia and South Africa and it’s a wine that we sell out of every year – in fact Singapore is the only place to have any stock left!

    Our Pinot Noir was just rated 18.5 points in a Pinot Noir Masterclass held this past week—does-it-exist.

    And we have just found out that The Starlet Sauvignon Blanc just won a silver award at the recent AMEX Tower Club Wine Awards!

    So hopefully some good reasons to try the wines!

    Misha (Misha’s Vineyard)

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