If you think owning a vineyard is all beer (!) and skittles, think again

Just reading that Otuwhero Estate Wines in Awatere Valley in New Zealand has gone into receivership and that Gravitas in Marlborough, already in receivership, failed to sell at auction recently.

But spare a thought for the French vignerons that had their crops stolen. Have a look at http://news.theage.com.au/breaking-news-world/french-wine-thieves-steal-grape-crop-20100929-15xk5.html

On a brighter note, Wine Directions is having another Warehouse Wine Fair this coming Saturday between 13:00 to 17:30 at Extra Space in Boon Keng Road.  Have a look at http://www.winedirections.com

I’ve picked a couple of deals that should prick your interest.

2006 / Trentham Estate / Mornington Peninsula / Pinot Noir / S$30 – James Halliday rates at 92 points and suggests drinking out to 2013. RRP in Australia is A$30. With the way the Aussie is heading, you may rue the day you didn’t buy a 92 point pinot for S$30.

2007 / Fermoy Estate / Margaret River / Cabernet Sauvignon / S$32 – The Big Red Wine Book lists this at 92 points and James Halliday gives it 93. They both agree that it’s drinking from now to 2017. 14% alc. RRP A$30. This is terrific comparative value.

Epsilon Wines (www.ewines.com.sg) has some interesting older wines available. Best to check with them on current availability but I picked a couple for review.

1999 / Domaine A / Tasmania / Cabernet Sauvignon / S$72 – As a label, Langton’s has listed Domaine A in their “Excellent” category. I’ve had a few Domaine A cabernets over the years and have generally been pretty impressed. I could only turn up one rating on this older vintage, Jeremy Oliver giving it 90 points and most importantly suggesting that it should be drunk within the next couple of year (2011+ was the actual guide).  Not much point in comparing retail price at release (which I think was around A$60) so it’s a case of deciding whether S$72 is fair value. My research shows that it is.

2000 / Domaine A / Tasmania / Cabernet Sauvignon / S$72 – This one seems to be the better of the two according to the raters. Jeremy Oliver gave it 96 points and James Halliday gave it 94 points when he rated it back in 2006. Drinking range is from 2012 to 2015 (Halliday) or 2020 (Oliver). It was A$60 on release but I see it was recently offered in Australia at A$70 but it’s now “out of stock” so the S$72 price looks attractive again.

The last drop:

“A 100-point score from Robert Parker will sell out a wine at almost any price, but it is a niche market that appears to be followed by disciples of architecture and rocketry. Americans build everything big, so why wouldn’t they want an Empire State Building or Saturn V in wine?” – Andrew Caillard, MW writing in Gourmet Traveller Wine , January 2008

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"A good bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world" - Louis Pasteur

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