Nothing to break the bank in this lot – from two reliable retailers

Reviewed offers by Le Vigne and Wine Exchange Asia

Off to Istanbul tonight to savour the wines of Kavaklidere, Kayra and Buyulubag. Should be interesting. At least it’s better than paying US$120 for Oxford Landing!

But before we head off, what a terrific, but small, selection of deals there is this weekend.

2008 / Bald Hills / Central Otago / Pinot Gris – S$32.50 at Le Vigne (cash & carry). Big fan of Bald Hills and whilst I’ve not personally tried the pinot gris, I see that Michael Cooper gives it a “very good” rating. Interestingly, it’s drinking to 2013 so plenty of time. It’s terrific value as the RRP is NZ$25.

2009 / Seifried / Nelson / Sauvignon Blanc – S$25 at Le Vigne.  Big fan of Seifried too. You’ll nearly always find a bottle in our fridge. This one’s Michael Cooper 4 stars “excellent” and Bob Campbell 86 points “above average”. Drinking to 2011, which I figure it still is, so still safe with this one too. Grab some for the May Day celebrations. This is a stunning deal – it retails for NZ$23! I’ve bought some.

2008 / Seifried / Winemakers Selection / Nelson / Pinot Noir – S$35 at Le Vigne. Bob Campbell gives it an “average to good” rating and called it subtle. Michael Cooper says “good” and drinking to 2015. OK, so it’s not Ata Rangi or Felton Road, but it’s only 35 bucks. It sells for that in New Zealand so another great comparative value deal.

NV / Skillogalee / Clare Valley / Sparkling Riesling – S$42 at Wine Exchange Asia. That’s not a misprint. Yes, it is sparkling Riesling. I’ve not tried it, Winestate has, and they give a “good, bronze medal” rating. It retails at A$28 so not bad comparative value. A very good deal.

2006 / Skillogalee / Clare Valley / Cabernets – S$42 at Wine Exchange Asia.  Winestate gives this a “very good, silver medal” rating, and suggests drinking out to 2015. It retails for A$26 so the price here is right where the BBI would expect it to be. Try it for a change from Coonawarra and Margaret River.

The Skillagolee offer closes this Monday, Le Vigne’s offers close 5th May (all prices cash & carry). Get to it!

The best deal (steal?) is the Seifried Sauvignon Blanc by a country mile, with the Seifried Pinot Noir second.

The wine and the place: Drakensbergs, South Africa

“Wine was like a peasant’s drink, very available….. and now we intellectualise it” – Jancis Robinson, apparently

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