A mob of 90+ wines at less than $30! – Great buying. And our first Tassie shipment.

Reviewed wines on offer by Eve Spirits, Le Vigne, The Cellar Door, Wine Exchange Asia.

Not a great quantity this week but the value is good and much of it is below $30.

Great wines coming out of Tasmania too. Have a look at the Tassie update at the end of the blog.


And you thought oak came from barrels…..see http://oaksolutionsgroup.com/


2009 / Norfolk Rise / Mount Benson / Pinot Grigio / S$25 from Le Vigne – I’m not an expert on Pinot Grigio so I leave it to others, but I do know that it’s hard for this style to get into the 90+ range. This wine’s no exception coming in with 4 stars from Epicure (“very good”) and Halliday (“fair to good”). I think you’d want to drink this now.  A nice sundowner perhaps and with 13.5% alcohol, still leaves you sober enough to move on to the blockbuster shiraz with dinner. Retails at A$16-17 so this is an outstanding price here.

2010 / Langmeil / Live Wire / Eden Valley/ Riesling / S$28 at Le Vigne – I’m buying some, do I need to say more? This is a 94 point Halliday Riesling for $28 bucks! That’s insane. Still drinking out to 2018 according to Halliday, and look at this – 8.5% alcohol. You simply have to get some of this for Xmas for your mother-in-law’s visit. Its RRP is A$20. Insane.  Oh, and it’s medium sweet so she’ll definitely like it.  Maybe too much. Best get a case then.

2007 / Langmeil / Earthworks / Barossa Valley / Cabernet Sauvignon/ S$28 at Le Vigne – I could only find one rating on this particular vintage and that was 4 stars from Wine Spectator, which means “very good” in their books. They had it as ready to drink right now, although James Halliday says the 2006 will drink to 2013. Either way, looks best to enjoy now rather than later.  Price-wise, it’s good value and price/quality it comes in OK too. Today’s quaffer then.

2002/ Reschke / Empyrean / Coonawarra / Cabernet Sauvignon / S$80, $75 by the half case at Wine Exchange Asia – With a name like Reschke, you’d think this would be from the Barossa but no, it’s from that great Cabernet area, Coonawarra. Accolades across the board from Halliday, Wine Front and Winestate. I won’t go into the detail but it’s a solid 4.5 – 5 star wine. Halliday gave his rating in 2005 and WineFront in 2008 so I reckon they’re probably still relevant.  Drinking to 2017 looks a safe bet, but look at the price. Retailed at A$115.  I’m convinced. I’ve bought 2 bottles.

2005 / Veronique / Barossa Valley / Shiraz / S$38 at Le Vigne – This is 4.5 stars from Halliday and WineFront and the buying here, with a RRP of A$23 is solid value. So far so good, but there a huge difference of opinion as to when it should be drunk.  WineFront says 2010. Halliday says 2025. I went back and checked them both. You’ll have to make your own call on this one.

2007/ Nepenthe / Gate Block / Adelaide Hills / Shiraz / S$44.90 at Eve Spirits – Better known for their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this Shiraz from Nepenthe comes in at 94 points from Halliday. It’s still got legs to 2020 with the alcohol (14.5%) to carry it through.  Retails for A$39 so the buying here is great value.

I reckon the best thing to do this week is to get yourself a couple of bottles of the Reschke and put them aside for a while. Then, to salve your conscience that you went and spent $160 bucks on two bottles of wine, go stock up on the Live Wire Riesling at $28 a bottle. It’s a steal. And if you don’t want to do that, try the Norfolk Rise Pinot Grigio at $25.


WINE SPEAK 101 – How to waffle with the best of them. Today’s word – BACON

“Rich, complex and woody style. The smoky bacon oak characters are in balance with the spicy berry fruits.”

“Ripe plum and cherry fruit wih savoury bacon and pepper on the nose and palate . “

Did you recognize the wine? They’re talking about shiraz. I was at a tasting with wine-buffs once when I turned to the gent next to me and said “wow, do you get the bacon on that nose”. He said “How would I know! I’m Indian and I’m a vegetarian.”


THE WAY WE WERE: 1976 Chateau Yaldara

The name Yaldara lives on. Herman Thumm sold Chateau Yaldara to McGuigan Wines in 1999, and as far as I can tell, it’s now part of Australian Vintage Ltd


“Everyone says it, but it’s true; the work is done in the vineyard, and all a winemaker can do is stuff things up, so we aim for minimal intervention”. – Nick Haselgrove, quoted in Winestate October 2007


TASMANIA UPDATE brought to you by Tiger Wines!

Congratulations to Peter Cameron and Jennifer Baird for their success at this week’s International Riesling Challenge in Canberra. Their Waterton Vineyards 2009 Riesling won best Riesling from Tasmania, best in Australia, and best wine of the Challenge.  Watch this space!

Ditto for the 2009 Pooley Butchers Hill Pinot Noir which just yesterday took out Champion Wine of the Show, Champion Dry Red Table Wine, and Champion Pinot Noir at the National Cool Climate Wine Show in Bathurst.

And if that’s not enough, get yourself a copy of the November issue of Decanter which has a three page spread on Tasmania’s cool climate wines.

Here at Tiger Wines (www.tiger-wines.com) , we’re doing our bit to bring you Tassie wines and we’re very excited to offer our latest arrival. Quantities are tiny, so if you want some, you’ll need to be quick. This is the first time that Pressing Matters has ever exported so you’ll be amongst a tiny number of people outside Australia (and possibly Tasmania!) to get access to wine from this Halliday 5 star rated winery:

Here’s what Huon Hooke said in the Sydney Morning Herald in February this year:

“To say the Pressing Matters wines hit the ground running would be a gross understatement. Show awards for the Riesling came immediately and in this year’s Tasmanian Wine Show, Pressing Matters won trophies for best Riesling, best wine of show (both for the 2006 R9) best 2010 vintage wine (R139 Riesling) and most successful exhibitor. Melick’s tally from the show was six gold medals, five silver and three bronze from 14 entries. Every Pressing Matters Riesling has won a medal somewhere and most have won a gold or silver”

To make it clearer for consumers, the approximate levels of residual sugar are reflected in the labeling – hence R0 (bone dry) and R9 (dry)

2009 / Pressing Matters / R0 / Coal River Valley / Riesling – S$47 (incl GST)

James Halliday 94 points (“outstanding, wine of the highest quality”) and Winestate 5 stars (“outstanding, gold”). Drinking to 2022, alcohol 11.0%. Only 1715 bottles made, 56 bottles available. RRP A$29.

2007 / Pressing Matters / R9 / Coal River Valley / Riesling  – S$47 (incl GST)

James Halliday 96 points (“outstanding, wine of the highest quality”). Drinking to 2017. Alcohol 10.2%. Only 2976 bottles made, 56 bottles available. RRP A$29.

2009 / Pressing Matters / Coal River Valley / Pinot Noir – S$64 (incl GST)

James Halliday 91 points (“highly recommended”). Drinking to 2016. Alcohol 13.5%. Only 1990 bottles made, 8 bottles available. This Pinot has a real sour cherry entry but finishes with a palate that typifies the terroir of Coal River Valley. It’s not Central Otago, it’s not Adelaide Hills. It’s Southern Tasmania. RRP of A$49

Order by e-mail from tigerwines@singnet.com.sg . Collect in the east from Extra Space, Boon Keng Road, or in the west (by arrangement) at Le Vigne, Holland Grove Road.

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