Sparkling Rinegolde – for the first time you met your future mother-in-law

Another brief report as I’m heading back after a long weekend at Bathurst. What a fantastic race! Less than half a second between 1st and 2nd after 1000 kms and the winner down to half a soft drink can of fuel.  A record crowd too and no rain, even though it was bitterly cold in the wind. Bathurst presents a challenge when it comes to fine wine and anyway, race weekend is all about beer consumption, the more the better according to the “ferals” on the top of the mountain. Coopers produced a special 50th anniversary brew which seems to have sold out by mid-week before the race, and along with other 50th memorabilia, the marketing guys seemed to think selling out 3 days before the race started was a great result. Sure saved us some money!

From our own stash of wine, we tried a terrific 1998 Glaetzer shiraz and the 2010 Galli Estate Pamela Chardonnay from Sunbury. A beautiful wine that deserves every one of the 97 pts Halliday bestowed upon it.


Reviewed wines on offer by Straits Wine Company, Wine Directions, Wine Guru

I looked at 5 wines for this review and could only come up with 2 on which to comment. Slim pickings indeed.

2006 / Carlei / Green Vineyards /Heathcote / Shiraz / $65 from Wine Guru – 91 pts from Halliday makes it “highly recommended”. The alcohol may be a touch high for some at 14.9% but it should drink for a few more years yet. The thing that bothers me on this wine though is that it looks like it retails at A$29. That makes S$65 seem a bit ambitious so I’m wondering if I’ve got the right wine. The promo says “Carlei Green Valley” but there’s no Green Valley in their range that I can see, and even though Carlei is at Yarra Valley, their shiraz seems to come from Heathcote. All very confusing.

2008 / Sidewood Estate / Adelaide Hills / Shiraz / $40 at Straits Wine Company – A modest 89 pts from Halliday (“recommended”) and drinking to 2016. With a RRP of A$25, the value here is quite good.

That’s it I’m afraid.




A favourite of blue-rinse aunties at $1.90!


One of the major trends in the wine scene over the last year has been enormous growth of discounting…the reasons are many. The move to reduce prices arose partly because of the oversupply of wine – particularly red. Vineyard plantings made over the last ten years are now coming to fruition – but unfortunately too much and too soon. Enormous quantities of wine need to be shifted and there are many big wholesalers who are happy to do the work.” – Discounting –Desirable or Disastrous, by Peter Simic writing in Winestate magazine, December 1978!




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