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Freycinet Tasmania Chardonnay 2011

2011 Freycinet Chardonnay

95 point Bindi Pyrette Shiraz at $48

Great wine storage in Kathmandu

1774-DB 2-6-11 Kathmandu



Another quickie…

2009 / Bindi / Pyrette / Heathcote / Shiraz / $48 at Wine Exchange Asia – 95 pts from James Halliday who says “very long and perfectly balanced”. RRP of A$40 so it could sell her at $60 and still be a fair deal. It’s $48 which makes it a terrific deal. Should drink for another 8 years but why wait. ♥♥♥♥


I believe in “Grown, Produced and Bottled”. If there’s a more powerful phrase on a wine label than “Grown, Produced and Bottled” (or a foreign language equivalent such as the French “Mise en bouteille au domaine”), I don’t know what it is” – Matt Kramer writing in Wine Spectator  15th November 2010




Elderton Command – nearly 3 for the price of 1

Last post the wine shop was in Jaisalmer, India. This post it’s in Bumthang, Bhutan. We’ll find ‘em anywhere we go!

0494-LB 18-2-08 Jakar


A quickie today as I’m still travelling down under.

2009 / Wild Duck Creek / Springflat / Heathcote / Shiraz / $57 by the half case at Wine Directions – This is no shrinking violet at 16% alc. Huon Hooke says it’s “tannic but balanced” and gives it 90 pts. Given its RRP of A$65, excellent value here. ♥♥♥♥

2005 / Elderton / Command / Barossa Valley / Shiraz / $75 ea or $70 by the half case at Wine Exchange Asia – A personal favourite, despite a move to lighter styles with age (mine, not the wine’s) and a classic example of how you dear consumer can benefit from all those mugs who invested in wine and not in common sense.  Yep, this wine is still offered at $193 through a major distributor here in Singapore, and last time I looked, it was $168 at Changi.  Oh, and it’s A$95 at Dan’s in Australia. ♥♥♥♥♥+


Wine should taste of the grape, not of wood.” –  Carlo Corino, winemaker at Montrose, December 1978

The best place to store wine is….not under the oven!

…Say no more:

212-30 27-2-04 Jaisalmer


A few quick reviews today from Le Vigne and Wine Exchange Asia (great new website by the way!)

2007 / PlanB! / Frankland River / Tempranillo Viognier / $35.90 cash & carry at Le Vigne – Gets 86 pts from Wine Advocate which translates to “very good” in their lingo and they say you can safely drink until next year. Retails at A$21 so it’s a good price. ♥♥♥♥

2009 / Brygon Estate / Bin 888 / Margaret River / Cabernet Sauvignon / $45 or $40 by the half case at Wine Exchange Asia – Gold at the 2010 Qantas Wine Show and 94 pts from James Halliday, drinking for another 8 years. RRP of A$17 so the price is fair. ♥♥♥♥

2001 / Katnook / Odyssey / Coonawarra / Cabernet Sauvignon / $85 at Wine Exchange Asia – I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of this wine. There are some wines (Grant Burge Meshach for example) that fall outside my palate zone despite being highly rated by others, and the Odyssey is one of those wines. Rated 96 by Halliday (but 90 by Jeremy Oliver), I’d drink it now rather than sit on it any longer. Buy a bottle, try it, and if it sings for you, you know where to find it. Initially retailed for A$100 but S$85 looks about right for this wine right now. ♥♥♥♥♥


WINE STORAGE 101 – er, how not to do it (unless it’s cooking wine)

Wine storage


“…vignerons agree that the place for wine is deep in the mouth, not on the vintage charts. When the verbal tilts are over, and the adjectives unscrambled, any man with normal tastebuds must concede that the wines of Australia are among the purest forms of liquid pleasure in the world.” – Wine Talk, by Mrs Rada Penfold Russell, Penfolds Advertising Director approx 1978

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Wine quotations

"A good bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world" - Louis Pasteur

“The unexacting palates of the masses…are content to ask no question [on origin] so long as a florin or half-a-crown will purchase a roomy flagon of strong , full-bodied, fruity wine” – CE Hawker writing in 1907