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You definitely need a drink at the end of the day

For regular readers of this occasional blog, you’ll know that from time to time my wife and I disappear to take up a driving trip in some unusual location or vehicle. In 2009 and 2010, we drove an Ambassador taxi around southern India, in 2011 a “bakkie” in Lesotho and Kwa-Zulu Natal, and in 2012 an ex-US army jeep down the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam

So for 2013, we headed to Himachal Pradesh in northern India to drive the notorious Rohtang La (twice as it turned out) and head over the Kunzum La into the Spiti Valley. We’ve only recently got back and I think we’re still finding our feet.  Oh, the scenery is awesome and the trip is not that difficult in serious 4wd-ing  terms (in fact, the locals, don’t ask me how, manage to negotiate all the passes and boulder strewn roads in something as sophisticated as a Suzuki Alto, often with 5 passengers aboard), but for flat-landers like us who think that Bukit Timah really is high, driving over 4500 metre plus passes on narrow roads definitely put our nerves on edge.

To top it off, quality wine is non-existent in the remoter places so we made do with Sula Cabernet Shiraz and Grover La Reserve whenever we could.

If you’re interested in this adventure (I understand it’s filling fast for next year), go to, click on Classic Himalaya and talk with Steve McCullach. I can guarantee you’ll never have had a driving experience like it before.  And take your own wine…

Here’s a few snapshots: (330 rupees is about S$7)

Back to the wine reviews next week.

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Wine quotations

"A good bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world" - Louis Pasteur

“The unexacting palates of the masses…are content to ask no question [on origin] so long as a florin or half-a-crown will purchase a roomy flagon of strong , full-bodied, fruity wine” – CE Hawker writing in 1907