Yellow Tail – it has its followers…

Short and sharp in the reviews today. Looked at 10 wines but 5 had been reviewed already this year, and one other was a Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough that couldn’t be found in any records anywhere. On special at one of the big supermarkets – maybe that tells you something.

So here goes with the remaining four, but no 5 star buys today…

2012 / Yellow Tail / Riverland / Shiraz / $20.50 at FairPrice Xtra – I’ll show my prejudices right up front. I’m not a fan of Yellow Tail. Nor am I a fan of buying the cheap end of Australian wines in Singapore where the roughly $7 a bottle tax works against you every time.  Lift your eyes up from the $20 range into the $30+ range and you’ll start to get a much better deal. James Halliday doesn’t think much of it either giving it only 84 points. Sells in Australia for A$8.55. If you must…BBI ♥♥

2012 / Taylors / Clare Valley / Merlot / $29.90 at FairPrice Xtra – Pay the extra $9.40 I say! At least this gets 89 points from Halliday, and given it retails downunder for about $15, your visiting relatives won’t think your quite the cheapskate. Actually, if it was my relatives visiting, A$15 would be about the top of their price point. It’s one of the reasons we live in Singapore where people do spend on good wine. BBI ♥♥♥♥

2006 / Kilikanoon / Covenant / Clare Valley / Shiraz / $55 or $49 by the half case at Wine Exchange Asia – This wine’s been around in Singapore a while, part of the “investment” wines brought up by cash rich/time poor/ knowledge poor investors. But that means it been stored OK though, so a safe bet condition-wise I’m assuming. I reviewed it in December 2010 and again in April 2011. The price has gone up about 5 bucks, but name me something where the price hasn’t gone up. Jeremy Oliver gives it 93 points and says drink between 2011 and 2014 so a perfect window. Last price (2013) at Langtons was A$29 so price here is spot on. BBI ♥♥♥♥

2011 / Akarua / Central Otago / Pinot Noir / $50 at Underground Wines – This a newie to me so I had to turn to Bob Campbell to get a rating. He gives it 91 points. Wine Front in Australia weren’t quite so kind giving it only 88 points noting that it sells in Australia for A$45. The RRP in New Zealand is NZ$44 so the asking price here is looking pretty good. BBI ♥♥♥♥


WINESPEAK 101 – How to waffle with the best of them – Today’s words “Black Cherry”

 “Rich, ripe, round and deep, delivering a complex mouthful of black cherry, plum, fig and licorice flavors”

Yep, I can taste it now. A no brainer  – shiraz, and probably Barossa.



OK, so this is not from Tasmania but it is cool-climate. A couple of lovely wines from Darren Burke (winemaker at Leura Park) under his own family label Bromley Wines.

Bromley PNs


Historically [Australia’s merlot] clones have come from California, not France. That’s maybe not such a good thing. The Californians have been susceptible to disease and viruses. They tend to mutate at the drop of a hat. They are often inconsistent in yield, sometimes producing big grapes that stay green and can, on occasion, make wines look watery. Prue Henschke, one of Australia’s leading viticulturists, has all the big-name merlot clones at her family’s Lenswood vineyard in the Adelaide Hills: DV314, DV37, 6R, 8R, Q4514. With so many numbers they must be good. ‘No’, Henschke says. ‘We get all their (vaguely indicating the direction of California) shit.” – Jeni Port writing in The Age 3rd May 2011


1 Response to “Yellow Tail – it has its followers…”

  1. 1 Graham Hayward September 29, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Actually, YellowTail Reserve is pretty good & the Shiraz made the Wine Spectator Top 100, but you can’t buy it in S’pore. Hope your health continues to improve. G.

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