One for the ratings chasers…

I’ll get back to reviewing what’s on offer by everyone else out there in Singapore but for this post, I’ll be unashamedly concentrating on what’s on offer by Tiger Wines, and that’s because there’s been such a rush of great ratings over the last month or so that I just can’t keep them to myself.

Let’s start with The Wine Front, one of my favourite ratings websites. Here’s what they’ve been rating that you should be able to get your hands on through Tiger Wines:

2012 / Holyman / Project X / Tasmania / Pinot Noir / A$90 – rated 95 by Gary Walsh – I’ve got 4 dozen of these ready to come up in January. Rare as hen’s teeth. It’ll be offered here around the $105-$110 mark when it gets here. Get in early!

2013 / Holyman / Tasmania / Chardonnay / A$45 – rated 96 by Gary Walsh – 4 dozen of these too, although half have gone already to pre-arrival orders. Will list here just short of $70.

2013 / Mayer / Big Betty / Yarra Valley / Shiraz – rated 94 by Gary Walsh – a handful in stock in Singapore and a handful in Melbourne. $66 will secure.

And from James Halliday, only the one recent rating covering my stock, but a pretty nice rating it is:

2014 / 3 Drops / Mount Barker / Riesling – rated 96 by James Halliday – it’ll be leaving Perth tomorrow so should arrive end of next week. Expect it to be around $40ish.

I picked up a copy of Jeremy Oliver’s 2015 Australian Wine Annual when I was in Melbourne recently. In Jeremy’s Top 100 wines, he listed the following Tiger Wines stock:

2002 / Radenti / Tasmania / Sparkling – rated 96 – This is Jeremy’s top sparkling. OK, so not strictly in stock as it’s available only from cellar door and it does have a limit per customer but if you want some, I’ll talk with the good folks at Freycinet Vineyard. But…it won’t be here until January. And in case you wondered, yes I’ve got mine.

Huon Hooke & Gourmet Traveller Wine have also just released “The Wine Guide 2015” and in this day of digital everything, it’s still nice to be able to get a solid, hardback publication to browse through. Here’s the important bits (to me!) that I gleaned from the Top Rated section by variety:

2013 / Bay of Fires / Tasmania / Riesling95 by Huon – I’ve got 24 bottles of it ready to go at $48. Delighted to have some of the Bay of Fires range here.

2012 / Tolpuddle / Tasmania / Chardonnay96 pts – currently out of stock but will be re-ordering. Last listed at $88.

2012 / Freycinet Vineyard / Tasmania / Chardonnay96 pts – I’ve got 14 bottles in Singapore @ $58. A bargain.

2013 / Bay of Fires / Tasmania / Sauvignon Blanc95 pts – 13 ready to go @ $48

2004 /Arras / Grand Vintage / Tasmania / Sparkling97 pts – 12 bottles @ $87. Put it up against Champagne and watch the smiles.

2002 / Arras / EJ Carr Late Disgorged / Tasmania /Sparkling96 pts – Who’d have thought you’d ever be able to buy this in Singapore. Well, you can. I have a dozen at $135 each. A bargain compared to vintage French fizz. And oh yes, it is stunning. Jeremy Oliver thinks so too and gives it 95.

2004 / Arras / Blanc de Blanc / Tasmania / Sparkling95 pts – 24 bottles of this @ $94. Halliday gives it 97!

2012 / Freycinet Vineyard / Tasmania / Pinot Noir95 pts – Just 4 left in Singapore @ $79. A whisper that the 2013 has just been rated 97 by Halliday. I’ve got some coming, probably will come up in February. Let me know if you’d like to be put on the allocation list.

2012 / Tolpuddle / Tasmania / Pinot Noir95 pts – I’ve got 9 bottles @ $99.

2012 / Waterton / Tasmania / Shiraz95 pts – A Tassie shiraz in Huon’s top list? Yep, that’s right. 18 bottles @ $67.

More recently, Huon Hooke has reviewed the new releases of Hickinbotham Wines and it’s a stunning collection:

2012 / Hickinbotham / Clarendon Vineyard Brooks Road / Shiraz96 pts – RRP A$75

2012 / Hickinbotham / Clarendon Vineyard The Peake / Cabernet Shiraz96 pts – RRP A$150

2012 / Hickinbotham / Clarendon Vineyards / Trueman / Cabernet95 – RRP A$75

I’ll have small volumes of each of the Hickinbotham coming up in the first quarter.

No longer do you have to look at the gongs and think – I wish I could get that wine in Singapore!


WINESPEAK 101 – How to waffle with the best of them

Today’s words – Red Candy

Amazingly complex, offering a seamless, sophisticated mix of ripe blueberry, currant and hard red candy flavours, with a firm, loamy earth foundation”.

I had a look on Wikipedia to see if candy can be soft, and yes it can, so the reference to hard red candy is quite specific. I think you can taste it now. Did you guess the grape though? It’s Cabernet Sauvignon…


And just in time for that Xmas party…

Say you are giving a party outside (or this is practical inside too) spread a long table with a gay cloth, put candles in empty wine bottles and light them. Make a centerpiece of the wine bowl, place your glassware nearby and the food in small dishes filled with bite sized pieces…the ‘wine bowl’ can be anything you possess, even a washing up dish if you decorate it prettily enough. Covered with cellophane, clusters of plastic grapes tied on (easily got at most shops today), or any artificial fruit or flowers.” – Wine Talk, Mrs Rada Penfold Russell, Penfolds Advertising Director approx 1978

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