Tasmania Winery Tour for the Connoisseur – April 2016

Been to Burgundy? Toured Bordeaux? Done Italy?

Then here’s your chance to experience one of the hottest (and yet the coolest) wine destinations in Australia, and that’s the region of Tasmania.

I say “hottest” because Tasmania is definitely up amongst the top of many people’s bucket list as a tour destination, famous for fine food, great wines, friendly hospitality, natural beauty and compact size, meaning that unlike much of Australia, you’re not travelling great distances to get from one experience to the next. Hot too for its luxury boutique accommodation, of which Saffire Freycinet sits at the pinnacle, not only in Australia but against the best global competition.

But for wine-making, Tasmania is the coolest place in Australia. Go any further south from Australia and you’ll end up in Antarctica. The cool-climate wines from Tasmania are starting to make the experts sit up and take notice. The prestigious Jimmy Watson Trophy for Australia’s best dry red wine has been won by a Tasmanian wine twice in the last five years. The best sparkling wines come from Tasmania and its top Pinot Noir wines are amongst the best in the New World according to Andrew Jefford of Decanter Magazine.

Clearly I’m biased, but I believe the best way to experience the ultimate that Tasmania has to offer in everything connected with the wines, the vineyards, and the winemakers, together with the fine food and luxury accommodation, is to join me as I lead Country Holidays “Tasmania Winery Tour for the Connoisseur” in April, and possibly in October. This is a tour, as it says, for the connoisseur. No golf, no fishing, no museums (well OK, there is MONA, but that doesn’t really count) no souvenir shops. And no 25 person bus with karaoke. Limited to a maximum of 8 persons, the tour is distinctly different from the usual whistle-stop cellar door tour. Last year, our clients plunged a pinot noir ferment, tasted grapes fresh from picking, sat in a winemaker’s kitchen into the early evening soaking in the wisdom, the wines and the generosity of the owner/winemaker, and on one occasion, we were led scrambling through the vineyard and its surroundings hunting for wasp nests – don’t worry, it was completely safe!

And in the middle of the tour, 2 nights of indulgence and relaxation at Saffire Freycinet.

Have a look at Country Holidays website (link below) to view the full details.

The winemakers are waiting to welcome you, the wines are ready to be tasted – I do hope you can join me.

CHT SD Tasmania - Apr 2016 SG



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