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Praise the Kiwis

There’s a shop at Auckland Airport that sells T-shirts which say “I barrack for the All Blacks or anyone playing against Australia”. Bunch of losers I say. But there’s one thing you can give the Kiwis and that is they do know how to make a good pinot. OK, a great pinot.

In an earlier blog, I mentioned that the 2008 Ata Rangi pinot noir wasn’t a bad deal at around S$80. Robert Reeves from Wine Exchange commented “wait a bit, there’s a better deal coming” and indeed it has.

How good is this?

Ata Rangi / 2008 / Martinborough / Pinot Noir / S$69 at Wine Exchange Asia – Bob Campbell rates it 96 points and I see it’s selling in NZ at S$71.

But wait, there’s more! If you buy a case from Robert, they’ll throw in a bottle of the 2008 sauvignon blanc which is being sold separately at S$33.

Great start to weekend shopping.

Sales, specials, and damned statistics

What a week! So many specials flooding my desk it’s hard to keep up. Let’s start off with some Kiwis on offer from Crystal Wines and Rubicon. Denise (or is it Straits Wine Company, I’m never sure?) have some Kiwi specials too but I’ll get to those later in the week.

Crystal Wines:

2009 / Cloudy Bay / Marlborough / Sauvignon Blanc / S$45 – You can’t go wrong with Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, right? Well, Wine Spectator thinks you can. They rated this wine a 4 star, and drink by 2010. OK, so how’s the price then? I find that Cloudy Bay sav blanc is pretty much always at a premium in Singapore compared with the local New Zealand price. I guess my only observation here is that this wine and this vintage is listed at 10 cents a bottle cheaper at Eve Spirits at Alexandra Park!

2007 / Cloudy Bay / Marlborough / Chardonnay / S$52 – Now this wine everyone seems to like, and a lot. Gourmet Traveller Wine gave it 97 points (doesn’t come much better than that), drinking to 2014, and Bob Campbell gave it 95 points (5 stars again). With a RRP of around NZ$40 in New Zealand, this looks better value than the sauvignon blanc and fits within the BBI index of comparative value.

Rubicon Reserve Wines:

2006 / Gladstone / Wairarapa / Pinot Noir / S$43.22 – This looks like one you’re going to have to buy on price. Bob Campbell was fairly unimpressed giving it 80 points. But, the RRP is shown as around NZ$47 (yes, more than the Cloudy Bay chardonnay) so on a comparative basis, it should come in somewhere around S$56-57 mark. It’s S$13 below that, so if that’s what it takes for you, go for it.

Ata Rangi Pinot Noir – fair and reasonable in Singapore

Thought I would check out the Ata Rangi pinot noir to see what’s on offer in Singapore.

2008 / Ata Rangi / Martinborough / Pinot Noir – It’s a Kiwi icon, and despite some variability in some years, it’s up there with the best that New Zealand produces. Bob Campbell rates this wine at 96 points and it looks like it retails in New Zealand for around the NZ$72 mark. My quick slide rule calculation says I’d expect it to sell in Singapore at around S$84. Let’ see:

The Cellar Door – S$79
Wine Exchange Asia – S$80
Crystal Wines – S$97 (Member price S$92.15, case price S$89.24)

Looks like you can get it on a pretty good comparative basis then.

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